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"...a much needed professional coming-of-age story...…glossy, fun, and ambitious"

Kirkus Reviews, Feb. 2018 issue

"With uncanny parallels to the Silicon Valley narratives we know and love, Anna Yen manages to break the mold with this fresh debut about being a young woman coming up in tech. Told with sharp wit and unforgettable detail, Sophia of Silicon Valley is a remarkably entertaining story and one of my favorite books in years!”

Jon M. Chu, Film Director, “Crazy Rich Asians


"Sophia's journey gives readers a laugh-out-loud look into Silicon Valley and shows those unfamiliar with the tech world what it takes to succeed here: thick-skin, dedication, a little luck and a lot of personal sacrifice."

Ron Conway, Silicon Valley Angel Investor

“A funny and surprisingly inspirational story about a genuine character, Sophia, who truly “leans in” to life in Silicon Valley’s fast lane. You get hooked on the roller coaster ride, watching her fall on her face, and pop back up--several times! Yen’s roman a clef is a delightful, touching tale that is perfect for the tech-generation or anyone fascinated by its culture.”

Larry Kramer, President of USA Today

“This laugh out loud inspired tale offers a peek behind the mysterious idiosyncrasies of Silicon Valley geniuses and one woman’s fight to navigate career success while having a life.”

Ellen Pack, Founder of

“...a real insider’s peek at the craziness of the industry while still keeping it light. This is Silicon Valley chick lit with a smart and smart-ass heroine trying to “have it all,” and readers of books like Elisabeth Egan’s A Window Opens (2015) and Allison Pearson’s I Don’t Know How She Does It (2002) will enjoy this modern take.” 

Booklist Reviews

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"Sophia of Silicon Valley is a smart, fast roman a clef"

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