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Sharp, humorous, and full of insider dish, SOPHIA OF SILICON VALLEY is a comical novel about one woman's journey storming the corridors of geek power and living in the shadow of its outrageous cast of high-maintenance maestros. 


Fresh out of college, Sophia Young is ready to take on the world, starting with her much-coveted job at a top investment bank. But when Sophia's all-too-blunt attitude lands her in hot water, our fiesty protagonist finds herself in unfamiliar territory. But soon, whether attained through dumb luck, savage assertiveness, insightful finesse, Sophia encounters Scott Kraft, the CEO of Treehouse, a studio that is transforming the animated film industry, and is somehow hand picked for the role of a lifetime. 


As she not-so-gracefully maneuvers through the fast-paced world of tech and high finance, Sophia hysterically stumbles through while learning how to maneuver and balance her relationships, her health and her career. 


But when engineer/inventor Andre Stark hires her to run investor relations for his electric car company, Ion, Sophia discovers that the big paycheck and high-status career she’s created for herself may not be worth the price of membership in this boy's club. 


In the spirit of Primates of Park Avenue and Bond Girl arrives this lively, satirical novel based on the author’s own experiences during the most innovative times of Silicon Valley. It provides an uncensored and entertaining  insight in to the world of tech and Wall Street, and what it takes to survive. 

Photo: Amanda Mathson Photography

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